#MeToo: An Assault Against Freedom

2018 September 26

My heart grows weary as I listen to the Supreme Court Confirmation coverage and the accusations leveled against Brett Kavanaugh. I am cloaked in mourning for the great republic in which I was blessed to be born. I’m mourning the decency that used to be the United States, and the government that once eschewed third-world politics.

Many people mistakenly believe that the #MeToo Movement is new. Actually, the movement is a new generation of feminists, a generation of women—and men—who believe that nothing should stand in the way of getting what they want, including the reputation of another, the freedoms of a nation and, most important, the life of a child.

Feminism has said and will always declare that women should be sexually free to do what they want. The natural progression of that movement is if women do what they want sexually, they should be allowed to deal with the consequences of their actions in the way they want. Thus, pro-choice became their rally call.

Feminism brought the women—and men—into the street not to protest President Trump, though that is their claim, but to rally against all that Trump and his supporters stand for. They wore disgusting hats and said vile things about the men—and women—who do not believe the lies of their cause, primarily that a woman has a choice over her body once that body holds another inside it—a child that they want to deny the most basic right: life.

The #MeToo Movement takes no responsibility for what is happening to women sexually. It fails to admit that sexual freedom has opened the door for possible abuse, for the long-term effects of abortion on a woman both physically and mentally, and the scarring of many women who used sex as a way to fulfill a need that can never be filled when having relationships with many different men outside of marriage. No, women who are sexually assaulted are not always to blame, but sexual freedom has opened the door for all kinds of abuse to occur, some of it perpetrated by the woman herself by allowing her body to be used by men outside of marriage. If you look carefully at the Hollywood accusations, the women involved had a choice: sex or success. They chose success, and that choice, not brought to light for many years later, harmed other women who fell into the clutches of the same individuals accused. The movement claims that these women are heroes for the cause, but are they? What of the women that were harmed by their silence—silence that was only broken when feminism decided to use accusations against men as a way to bully their agenda against the will of the people?

How ironic is it that the feminist movement and the resulting sexual revolution of the ’60s and ’70s is the same movement that is now using accusations of sexual abuse as a tool to ruin the reputations of those who stand in the way of the movement’s agenda and to derail our government and the will of the people? Guilt is in the eye of the beholder, and we are now expected to believe every woman who makes a complaint. However, if one digs deeply into the movement, it will soon be discovered that the only women who are to be believed are those who are members of the movement. Another woman has made an accusation against a man who is aligned with that movement, yet she is being ignored by the movement.

While out on the ledge, I began to wonder how I would feel if one of my sons sat in Brett Kavanaugh’s seat. If some woman with a very overt agenda accused him of a sexual crime yet she could not recall where it happened or provide any true specifics. Then, lo and behold, another woman announces that she remembers what the alleged victim could not. When pressed for details, the witness backs down. Then another woman comes forward, yet she, too, has no real specifics. And out of the blue, my son is accused by another man of possibly having the ability to be a true sexual predator. My son wants to hear the allegations against him from the accuser, but the accuser demands that the accused be heard first, that she pick the jury, that she choose the judge, and that the person of her choice be the only person to ask questions of her and the accused. When push back is made, an army with the same agenda as the accusers goes to war. They dig into my son’s life, his high school annuals, anything he has written on social media, every little detail that they can use to bolster public opinion of his guilt for actions that have not been concretely voiced by the accuser. My son’s friends are interrogated. They say the allegations are false, that they have no memory of any details presented by the accusers. The accusers’ truth is based on words spoken and not upon evidence because none can be found. Hearsay against him is now allowable in court.

Probing into the background of those who make the allegations is not permitted because the people who should give my son a voice agree with the agenda. Others are kowtowed by the threat that if you don’t stand with the accuser, you, too, will be accused—or hounded in their lives by protesters for the movement who believe that their rights surpass the rights of those who do not believe as they do. Even those in power who understand that the allegations against my son have been made not because they are true but because he stands against their agenda remain quiet because, well, they may be harmed monetarily or lose their position … or fail to get re-elected.

I’ll repeat: my heart is weary and wearing a heavy cloak of mourning for America, a country where identity politics and agenda and greed for desires have quenched morality, ethics, and righteousness.
Feminism was not created to decry the sexual abuse of women. In actuality, it perpetrated the abuse of women.  The #MeToo Movement is feminism, the same feminism that rallied for a woman’s open sexuality, to demand the ability of a woman to rid herself of the result of her open sexuality as if the life growing inside her is of no value—only an inconvenience. That movement is now being ramped up to accuse men who get in the way of the feminist agenda, and the real issue is not sexual abuse. The true issue behind the #MeToo Movement is Roe vs. Wade and what it means to the radical left in our country. Thus, we have the baseless accusations leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.

In taking this course of action, the #MeToo Movement is harming the real victims of sexual abuse. The shameless and overt manner in which it is trying to take down a man who stands in its way will cause true victims to lose their voices.

And if the #MeToo Movement prevails, justice and equality, even our very Republic, is on a steep slide to the failure that feminism has desired since the ’60s.

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