The Hypocrisy of Offense

2018 August 30
by faylamb

I live in a state where the gubernatorial election will definitely be a decision of good versus evil. That is my stance, and I have the right to state it. My belief is not based on racial differences but on the differences in my faith and the agenda on the left.

In the Florida primary this week, the democratic party had a surprising, and very chilling, upset for the gubernatorial race. Gwen Graham ran an impeccable campaign. Her father is one of the most-liked governors of our state’s history. She is a moderate democrat. She lost to a socialist.

Her opponent, the victor in the primary over Ms. Graham, received a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez which said, “Congratulations, @AndrewGillum! The progressive movement is transforming the country – and he proved that again tonight. Gillum ran on Medicare for All, Legalizing Marijuana, #AbolishICE & more. Thank you, Florida voters! On to November.” I needn’t say more than she has about Mr. Gillum and what the consequences could be should he win the general election.

In an interview following his primary win, Ron Desantis indicated that “the last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda.” Nowhere in Ron Desantis’ demeanor or in the context of what he was saying did race play apart. Yet, the CNN headline following this remark was: “Florida’s GOP gubernatorial nominee says a vote for his black opponent would ‘monkey this up.’” Think of the hypocrisy of this news organization in its “word play” and misdirection. CNN will stand upon its right to freedom of speech and use it to trounce the freedoms of others who do not agree with its agenda.

Only a couple of months ago, a radio host was fired because he had the audacity to say that a player was “playing out of his cotton-pickin’ mind.” The statement was said to be racist. Really? Did you think of race when you read that statement. Would you have thought of race if you heard it spoken? If so, would your thoughts be racist?

So, while out on the ledge, I pondered this situation.

First of all, I want to know who is more racist. Is it Ron Desantis for saying what he said when clearly race did not factor into that statement, or is it CNN and others with a like agenda who jumped so readily on this racist bandwagon? I have to tell you, I would never have equated “monkey this up” to a racial slur, and this assumption has taken many people by surprise.

And what about cotton-pickers? If I think of literal cotton-pickers, I don’t see race. I see people working hard, working so hard in the heat that they can barely think straight. I believe I’m a descendant of a cotton-picker or two. Figuratively, people have said to me on many occasions, “Are you out of your cotton-pickin’ mind?” I never once thought they were talking about my race. I think they were accurately saying that my behavior reminded them of someone who’d been out picking cotton in that too-hot field.

That’s just two phrases that have been labeled offensive. I remember once being told that we could no longer call the bedrooms in our house “masters.” Go out on the ledge and ponder the reasonableness of that for awhile. Then shake your head and continue to call that large room in your house with the private bathroom, your master bedroom, because after all, it was never meant to be, and will never be a racist statement.

What other words or phrases are going to be eliminated, and why are they going to be eliminated?

I’m going out on a limb here, and I’m going to say that whatever words can be made to be offensive will because in making them offensive, the freedoms of individuals to speak can be taken away.

Christians are torn down for their beliefs. They are torn apart for living out their faith. Anyone who stands in the way of an agenda, any agenda, any side, is vulnerable to an attack because agendas are just that. They are a way to get what we want by any means possible, even if it means destruction of a reputation with the most innocent of statements.

Using the excuse of taking offense at the words of another is a very dangerous game to play if that offense is contrived. When enough people jump on the bandwagon, freedom of speech will travel down the very road that freedom of religion has already traveled. No one will be safe. If you think the loss of freedom can only occur to a Christian baker in Oregon who refuses to bake a cake for a celebration that contradicts his faith, take a look at the radio announcer who used an everyday term in an everyday way and lost his job … because someone decided he had to go. Take a look at Ron Desantis, forced to defend his choice of words because well … he has to go.

Before you jump on any bandwagon that deters our freedoms, think about this:

Right of left, you may be next.

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