Miracle at 1782 Ayshire Drive

2014 December 3
by faylamb

christmas lights on a stately home los altos californiaOur first Christmas together, my husband, Marc, asked if the boys and I would like to take a drive and look at Christmas lights. My sons were excited as we traveled through Sherwood Park, a neighborhood known for its hospitable Holiday spirit. Most houses were lit up with decorations. Sidewalks were lined with luminaries, music played outside, and the residents waved and called, “Merry Christmas” to the long line of cars weaving through their streets to take it all in.

My husband reached for my hand and smiled back at the two little boys, six and four, that I’d brought into our relationship. “Wouldn’t it be nice to live here one day?”

Warmth still fills my heart as I think about his words. A once confirmed bachelor, Marc never gave much thought to where he would live, but things had changed. He had two sons who needed a good school, and where we lived then was not in the best of districts. We were running out of ploys to keep them in the school nearest to Sherwood Park.

A few months and a limited budget later, Marc and I found ourselves looking at house after house to purchase, but we couldn’t find the one we wanted. Finally, the real estate agent pulled up in front of a house on Ayshire Drive—in Sherwood Park. From the outside, the house was beautiful, but we were a little doubtful that we could afford it.

When our oldest son jumped out of the car, he noticed friends from school playing in the streets around us. His excitement grew, and I was afraid we would have to disappoint him.

Then I went through the house. It was open and spacious. The bathrooms were larger than any I’d seen in a house that size. The boys could share a room or each have their own, although, I knew what that decision would be. I fell in love with the place.

The house was a little pricier than we’d expected, but the real estate agent had some good news for us. The mortgage had a rare, “assumable without qualifying” tag on it, which meant as long as we stayed within our personal budget, we didn’t have to qualify for a larger loan.

While the boys chattered about the new house in the neighborhood where their friends lived, Marc, in his quiet unassuming way, studied our options. He was getting ready to head out of town, and we hadn’t made a decision—or so I thought.

The day he had to leave, I was late getting home and picking up the boys from daycare. We rushed to our apartment, and I was disappointed. Marc’s car was gone. He’d already left for the airport. Deflated, I gathered our belongings and ushered the kids toward the apartment where I found a note taped to the door. “Your new home is located on Ayshire Drive. I love you, Marc.” He’d signed the contract to purchase the house as a surprise for us.

I cried as I read this love note to me. You see, it wasn’t about the house. Any home would have done for me. In those few little words, my husband showed not only the depth of his love for his wife, he also showed me how much he loved the sons I brought into the marriage.

Christmas Facebook Party Graphic (1)We lived on Ayshire Drive for seventeen years, making precious family memories there. And each Christmas our family would decorate our home to the hilt, place the luminaries along the drive, and we’d stand outside waving to all the visitors driving through our neighborhood, and I still never cease counting the many blessings that came when God brought Marc Lamb into my life.

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She’s heard stories of giant green ghosts at Peppermint Pass, and she sure doesn’t want to meet any ghosts––especially giant green ones––along the way. So, the morning they leave for the big trip, Fi Fi tells her brother about her fears. Chi Chi waves them off as just stories. While Fi Fi still trembles, she remembers a Bible verse tucked away in her racing heart, “Do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13 (NIV) 

Fi Fi realizes why it is so important to memorize Scripture––so it stays in your heart always and comes back to you when you need it. Even so, she has no idea how much she and her brother will need to call on God for help to rescue them from the dangers that await on their journey through Peppermint Pass.

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Gideon Tabor can’t believe that the woman interviewing for the job is the girl he loved in high school. Charisse is hesitant about accepting his job offer, and when she does, Gideon makes every attempt to apologize for his relationship-ending blunder in high school. Charisse accepts his apology, but she keeps him at a distance. When Gideon learns that Charisse’s anger actually stems from his release of the man who ran down her husband, he tries to explain, but Charisse doesn’t want Gideon’s excuses or the love he has to offer. She wants her husband’s killer to pay.

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  1. December 3, 2014

    Awww, I love that story about the Ayshire Drive house (HOME).

  2. Jenni permalink
    December 3, 2014

    Such a sweet story!

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