A Dozen Apologies Spotlight: Author Patricia Dyer

2014 February 19

Today’s special guest is Patricia Mezick Dyer. Pat Pat Profile Pic 2was the winner of the A Dozen Apologies chapter contest held last year. Pat was transplanted from upstate New York to Florida at the tender age of five. Now married to a Georgia cracker for almost fifty years and retired from a public service job, she enjoys writing and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.

A member of American Christian Fiction Writers Central Florida Chapter, she has served as past secretary and publicity chairperson. Writing in inspirational stories from the heart, she strives to provide encouragement and light through Jesus to those who read them.

Pat reviews books on her blog, Ramblings of a Crowded Mind, and posts occasional inspirational articles there. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

A Dozen Apologies is the first published book to which she’s contributed, and is an encouragement to press on to reach her goals.Having worked in a medical environment for over twenty years, it’s not surprising that Derrick Howser, the December hero in A Dozen Apologies, emerged in my mind as doctor. Derrick became an Emergency Room physician, and since it was December, Mara became a gift wrapper in a department store. Seemed like a fun job with lots of possibilities.

Medical students spend most of their college time immersed in books and labs due to the complex nature of the medical nomenclature and curriculum, and Derrick showed himself to me as a dark-haired, slightly pudgy fellow with a slow gait, black horn-rimmed glasses, and a beard.  He was someone who had a heart for people and looked beyond the surface in relationships.

Although only a privileged few even get into medical school, in my mind he didn’t fit the stereotype of an egotist (soon to be) doctor. He was a soft-spoken introvert with a shy smile—just the right kind of unsuspecting target for beautiful Mara and her sorority sisters’ pastime. Their accidental encounter at a University of South Carolina football game began a relationship that lasted only weeks.

After the break-up, Derrick had choices. He could forgive Mara for the emotional pain and embarrassment he’d endured and focus on building an honorable career as a physician or he could hold on to his angst and plan some way to get back at her. Whichever way the plot took him, Derrick’s life would never be the same.

A DOZEN APOLOGIES FINAL FRONT COVER (282x425)About A Dozen Apologies:

Mara Adkins, a promising fashion designer, has fallen off the ladder of success, and she can’t seem to get up.

In college, Mara and her sorority sisters played an ugly game, and Mara was usually the winner. She’d date men she considered geeks, win their confidence, and then she’d dump them publicly. When Mara begins work for a prestigious clothing designer in New York, she gets her comeuppance. Her boyfriend steals her designs and wins a coveted position. He fires her, and she returns in shame to her home in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where life for others has changed for the better.

Mara’s parents, always seemingly one step from a divorce, have rediscovered their love for each other, but more importantly they have placed Christ in the center of that love. The changes Mara sees in their lives cause her to seek Christ. Mara’s heart is pierced by her actions toward the twelve men she’d wronged in college, and she sets out to apologize to each of them. A girl with that many amends to make, though, needs money for travel, and Mara finds more ways to lose a job that she ever thought possible.

Mara stumbles, bumbles, and humbles her way toward employment and toward possible reconciliation with the twelve men she humiliated to find that God truly does look upon the heart, and that He has chosen the heart of one of the men for her to have and to hold.


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  1. February 19, 2014

    Thanks for the invite to On the Ledge, Fay. It’s so much fun working with you guys!

  2. February 19, 2014

    Great interview, Pat. My daughter said your Derrick was a favorite of hers. And if she would have remembered to vote, she would have voted for him or Fay’s creation…

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