A Dozen Apologies Spotlight: Author Debra Ullrick

2014 February 20

Deb for websiteToday’s spotlight is on Author, Debra Ullrick, who is an award-winning Christian romance author. In addition to multiple full-length novels, her stories have been featured in several novella collections, one of which made the New York Times bestseller’s list. Debra is happily married to her husband of thirty-nine years and has one daughter. For over twenty-five years, they lived and worked on cattle ranches in the Colorado Mountains. She now lives in the Colorado flatlands. Debra loves animals, classic cars, mud-bog racing, and monster trucks. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drawing western art, feeding wild birds, and watching Jane Austen movies, COPS, or Castle.

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Being a huge romantic at heart, I wanted a hero who screamed romance. A lot of times, when I think of the word romance itself, the French come to mind. So, I searched and searched for the perfect Frenchman on Google and YouTube. I came across an interview with a smokin’ hot, dark and handsome, French actor whose accent was to die for. In order to get a feel for a genuine Frenchman’s accent and to make my character’s accent authentic, I watched the interview many, many times. And if you believe that was my only motive for watching it numerous times, then please come speak to me. I have some Louisiana swamp land in the state of Colorado to sell you. *smiling*

Anyway, the more I watched this man, the more my mind started whirling with ideas, and Rémy Perone was born. Of course he had to be an actor. Not just an actor either, he had to own his own theatre. A certain dinner theatre I’d been to in Boulder, Colorado, not too far from where I live, came to mind. It’s such a wonderful place that I knew Rémy had to own one like it.

Writing the whole thing in Mara’s POV was a real challenge for me, as I’m so used to writing my stories in both the heroine’s and the hero’s point of view. I do so love getting into a man’s head and making him respond how I would like him to respond, and having him be as romantic as I would like him to be, and it was no different with Rémy. But, I couldn’t.

Mara had to tell the story, and she only knew what Rémy let her know either through his body language, his words, or his actions. Well, she learned pretty fast what he thought when he asked her to be the rear end of a horse. She didn’t have to read his mind to know just what he thought of her.

During this whole journey, not just with Rémy but all the other men she’d jilted and treated cruelly, Mara learned under all that macho exterior that men have feelings too. Deep feelings.

Also available from Debra Ullrick:

Reunited at Christmas FRONT COVER FINALReunited at Christmas:

Search and rescue dog handler Shelby Davis is living the dream. Not only does she train search and rescue dogs, but she’s a bestselling suspense author who has waterfront property in the beautiful mountain town of Grand Lake, Colorado. All is well until she receives a call to bring her dog Max and her snowmobile to help rescue a man who is lost in a blizzard up on Gravel Mountain. That man is the one person she never wants to see again—Ryker Anderson—the man who broke her heart the day he called three months before their wedding to say goodbye with no explanation as to why.

After being gone for eighteen months, Ryker Anderson is back in Grand Lake where he hopes to win back the woman he loves. He only hopes Shelby understands why he left. Will he be able to convince Shelby that she can trust him with her heart again even though he broke it before?


…if only she had listened…

After a near fatal accident in the Colorado wilderness, Jasmine Moore suffers during the harsh Steamboat Springs winters. Unable to socialize because of pain, she goes online in hopes of finding some new friends to fill the void the long, lonely winters bring. A budding online friendship develops, and soon, Jasmine finds herself in danger.

Jackson Warren is in love with Jasmine and has been for years. When he discovers she’s talking to strangers on the Internet, a sick feeling fills his stomach. Something’s not right with the way Jasmine is acting, but she won’t listen to his concerns. Can he convince her to give up her online relationship before it’s too late?

A DOZEN APOLOGIES FINAL FRONT COVER (282x425)More about A Dozen Apologies:

Mara Adkins, a promising fashion designer, has fallen off the ladder of success, and she can’t seem to get up.

In college, Mara and her sorority sisters played an ugly game, and Mara was usually the winner. She’d date men she considered geeks, win their confidence, and then she’d dump them publicly. When Mara begins work for a prestigious clothing designer in New York, she gets her comeuppance. Her boyfriend steals her designs and wins a coveted position. He fires her, and she returns in shame to her home in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where life for others has changed for the better.

Mara’s parents, always seemingly one step from a divorce, have rediscovered their love for each other, but more importantly they have placed Christ in the center of that love. The changes Mara sees in their lives cause her to seek Christ. Mara’s heart is pierced by her actions toward the twelve men she’d wronged in college, and she sets out to apologize to each of them. A girl with that many amends to make, though, needs money for travel, and Mara finds more ways to lose a job that she ever thought possible.

Mara stumbles, bumbles, and humbles her way toward employment and toward possible reconciliation with the twelve men she humiliated to find that God truly does look upon the heart, and that He has chosen the heart of one of the men for her to have and to hold.





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