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Who Wrote Whom: Meet the Authors of Unlikely Merger: Patricia M. Dyer

PatPatricia M. Dyer  is our guest today.  Pat was transplanted from Upstate New York to Florida at the tender age of five. Now married to a Georgia cracker (that’s a proud nickname for folks from Georgia–or Florida) for over fifty years and retired from a public service job, she enjoys writing and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. 
A member of American Christian Fiction Writers and ACFW Central Florida Chapter, Pat has served as past secretary and publicity chairperson. Writing inspirational stories from the heart, she strives to provide encouragement and light through Jesus to those who read them.

Pat has reviewed many books she has read and invites you to “Meet the Characters” at her website: She is a book review columnist for the new IMAGINATE magazine, and has co-authored two books, A Dozen Apologies and soon to be released Unlikely Merger.

Pat is the creator of Gabriel “Gabe” Mann from Chapter 5 of Unlikely  Merger.

My characters tend to invade my consciousness as if they’d been hiding in the back of my brain all along. Perhaps they have. Gabriel Mann first appeared to me at Orlando International Airport as he stood waiting for the Lacewells to arrive from Denver. Since he didn’t even know what Mercy looked like, he decided to do something to get her attention as she and her uncle maneuvered their way through the crowd and into the terminal; hence, the sign with the gator on it along with Mercy’s name.

An outdoorsy type, Gabe is ruggedly handsome with his year around tan and sparkling eyes. But his best qualities include his thoughtfulness, compassion, and strong values. When He and Mercy  exchanged their first words, (the banter about the Gators and Seminoles), he knew this was someone he’d like to know better—in more than a business context.

Unlikely Merger CoverMore About Unlikely Merger:

No longer needed as her father’s nurse, Mercy Lacewell attempts to step into his shoes at his acquisitions firm. That means travel, engaging strangers, and making final decisions—nothing she feels equipped to do. If her best friend has her way, Mercy will simply marry one of the single, available men she meets, but they overwhelm her. So handsome and kind. And so many. Even if she felt obliged, how could she ever choose?

Should she shove all attraction aside and focus on her father’s business, or is God warming her heart with the possibility of forever?

Other great multi-author collaborative novellas from Write Integrity Press: A Dozen Apologies and The Love Boat Bachelorand great Christmas reads: The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt and A Ruby ChristmasHeart Bouquets, romantic short stories is also available.


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