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Character Interview: Robin Ingram from Fixing Perfect by Therese M. Travis

FixingPerfect_h11394_300Today, we welcome Robin Ingram, the heroine from Therese M. Travis’s romantic suspense novel, Fixing Perfect.

Robin, you’re an island girl. Would you mind telling our readers a little about your life on Catalina Island?

I live with my grandmother in a beautiful house just a few blocks from the downtown area, nestled around Avalon Bay. Lucky for me, I don’t have to climb any mountains to get to the house, since I have only my golf cart to get there. I design and sew dolls for a co op gift shop, and I’m active in my church and with this great sports team. Everyone on the team has some sort of disability, but we don’t let it keep us from having a great time.

You’re an amazing woman. You live with disabilities, and you strive to help others. I know the title of Therese’s novel refers to you (without giving anything away), but I’d like to know from your perspective just how you view your disabilities.

I have disabilities? LOL. It’s something I’ve always had to deal with. Sometimes it frustrates me, a lot, but most of the time I’ve figured out a way around them. Some people seem to think I’m less of a person because I’m not exactly like everyone else. All I can say is, they’re wrong. If they want to find out why, they have to get to know me.

Your story is a suspenseful one, and I can just imagine the range of fears that you went through dealing with what was taking place on the island. How did you manage to even step outside your house?

God was with me every step of the way. He always has been. But yes, there were times when I was terrified. Sometimes I just had to close my eyes to what could happen and focus on what I needed to do. Just like in real life.

I fell in love with the hero of the story, Sam. He’s a topnotch guy. What would you say is Sam’s most redeeming quality—besides his heroism?

I fell in love with Sam, too! I think his best quality is that, while he has always acted as though I’m not disabled (at least most of the time), when he needs to, he just steps in and makes things happen for me. He’s always there for me.

You’ve been through a lot. What would you say is the most important precept you have learned through this ordeal?

I learned that I’m ok just as I am. I’m not less-than, less worthy, than anyone else. And I don’t need to be fixed!

More About Fixing Perfect:

In the community of Avalon on Catalina Island, a psychopath is kidnapping children and perfectly posing and painting the bodies of adult victims to resemble disabled artist, Robin Ingram.

Robin struggles with feelings of imperfection, and knowing some madman has a macabre agenda—which includes fixing her—is unsettling. She’s relieved when paramedic Sam Albrecht steps up to help.

Sam believes he knows the identity of the killer, and he wants nothing more than to prove it in order to keep Robin out of danger. Then Sam is arrested as a suspect for the crimes, and Robin’s life is thrown into a fresh whirlwind. She may not know who the real killer is, but she does know Sam is innocent…and she will find the proof to set him free, or she’ll die trying.

Therese TravisAbout the Author: 

Therese M. Travis is a wife, mother, grandmother, follower of Christ. She’s been writing stories since the age of eight, and “telling stories” (you know what that means) since long before. She finally figured out how to put those stories onto the page. She loves to talk about Jesus and His love for us, about her family, crafting, writing, and praying. You can connect with Therese at Pinterest and on Facebook.

Therese, thank you for being here today. I loved Annabelle’s story because my favorite heroes and heroines are those that are not absolutely perfect. In Annabelle’s case, her flaws are physical, and she sees herself as flawed and not at all the way God sees her. This flaw prevents her from truly living. Have you ever known anyone who suffers from what they would consider a physical flaw and allowed themselves to be ruled by their own fears of what others see in them?

Other Works by Therese M. Travis:

Therese is the author of some of my favorite works:

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Mickey doesn’t blame Aubrey for disliking him. After all, he kissed her when he wasn’t sober—and insulted her, to boot. Aubrey deserved a better man—a Godly man. But, since that fateful kiss, Mickey’s drawn closer to the Lord. With the intercession of God and the matchmaking parish staff, Mickey prays that this Christmas he will be able to prove to Aubrey he’s now the man for her.

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