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Threads of a Tapestry by Susan Anne Mason

Susan Anne Mason (427x640)Thank you, Fay, for having me here to talk about my debut romance Betrayed Hearts, which released through White Rose Publishing this past August.

I have always loved themes of forgiveness, self-sacrifice and worthiness. Originally I called this book Threads of a Tapestry, mainly because of an interview I heard on the radio with actress Ellen Burstyn, who had experienced quite a lot of emotional upheaval in her life. The interviewer asked Ellen if she could erase all the bad moments and all the bad relationships from her past, would she do it? Ellen gave such an amazing answer that it stuck with me. She said (paraphrasing here) that no, she wouldn’t erase the bad things in her life, because the good and the bad moments were like the threads of a tapestry that were intricately woven together to shape her into the woman she was today.

That idea stayed with me, and when I created the character of Lily, I knew she would be someone who had also suffered many bad moments in her life and who had become jaded because of them. I wanted her to come to know God’s great love by way of a wonderful hero, who saw past the barriers she had built to protect herself and who discovered the wounded but loving person inside. A man who appreciated her outer beauty, but who more importantly valued her inner beauty above all. Lily had only known men who used and abused her, and I wanted her to experience the unconditional love of a good man who connected with her soul. A man who demonstrated God’s unconditional love for his children. And through Nick’s unselfish example, Lily would at last come to believe that she was truly worthy and return to God’s loving embrace.

Both Lily and Nick experience moments of self-sacrifice in the book. Lily struggles with putting her own desires ahead of her sister’s best interests. Nick struggles with wanting his career as a minister, but wanting Lily as well. When it seems like the two are mutually exclusive, he is forced to make the toughest decision of his life.

I hope Lily’s story will demonstrate that no matter how many mistakes a person makes, or how far away from their faith they have fallen, it is never too late to ask for forgiveness and receive God’s great mercy.

I hope you will all find a little piece of Lily within yourselves and come to know the type of unconditional love she has found, both in Nick and in God. And if you like the quirky characters in Rainbow Falls, you can travel back there again for Lily’s friend, Maxi’s story! Wayward Hearts releases in early December. Thanks for sharing this time with me!



BetrayedHearts_medium (1)More About Betrayed Hearts

Lily Draper comes to Rainbow Falls in search of her biological sister, the only blood relative she has left. Emotionally scarred by her preacher father, Lily avoids religion at all cost. Her new landlord, an aspiring minister, soon has her questioning her views. Can she learn to trust Nick’s heart or will her sordid past destroy their love?

Nick Logan hopes to take over for the retiring minister who has groomed Nick for the job. But Reverend Ted seems to feel the position requires Nick to marry an upstanding woman, namely Ted’s niece. When Nick finds himself falling in love with Lily Draper, the woman least likely to become a minister’s wife, his problems escalate. And when Reverend Ted gives him an ultimatum, Nick faces an impossible choice.

Can he accept God’s will and still find a place for Lily in his life?

WaywardHearts_medSusan’s next book in the Rainbow Falls series, Wayward Hearts, will be released in December 2014.

Hairstylist Maxi North is living her dream in Manhattan, poised to become junior partner in one of the city’s classiest salons. Her father’s death puts her plans on hold while she travels home to face her past. There, she is forced to confront unrequited feelings for her former best friend, Jason Hanley, as well as her deeply buried guilt over her younger brother’s death.

Fireman-in-training, Jason Hanley knows how badly Rainbow Falls needs its own fire station. As a new Christian, he pledges to serve the people of his community and to help open a new fire station as soon as possible. When his friend, Maxi, and her mother almost perish in a fire, Jason becomes involved in helping them re-build their farmhouse. Soon he finds himself wondering if he and Maxi can ever put aside their differences to find a future together.

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