Fay Lamb

I am a fifth-generation Floridian, and if I want to be snarky about it, I am not only a Floridian, but all my years have been spent in the same town where my great-grandfather traveled from what is now known as Blue Springs Park with my great-grandmother, whose father ran a steamboat landing there. My great-great-grandparents’ home still stands at Blue Springs and can be toured. My grandmother, with whom I proudly share my name, was born in my hometown of Titusville, after her father began working for Mr. Flagler’s railroad. My father was born here as well. My two sons and six grandchildren continue the multi-generational line of Titusvillians.

Since a very early age, storytelling has been my greatest desire. Creating characters and stories that live on in the hearts of the reader is my goal. I currently write romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary fiction with three series incorporating those genres currently contracted and published.

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